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We will provide all of the following services, depending on your individual needs:
  • Preparation of all Police Department legal forms.
  • Personalized Letters of Necessity.
  • Personalized Premise Letters.
  • Expert coaching for Police Department interviews.
  • Assistance in obtaining Certificates of Disposition and related court documents.
  • Consultation on firearms and equipment selection.
  • Referrals to firearms dealers and pistol ranges for preferential prices and memberships.
  • If ever necessary, referrals to Attorneys who specialize in firearms related matters.
  • Upon issuance of a license, guidelines will be provided on safety, marksmanship, legal use of firearms and live ammo training arrangements will be made.

If you are interested in obtaining a pistol license for business or home protection, concealed carry, target shooting and hunting or armed guard employment, WE CAN HELP!